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Norton antivirus is an antivirus, anti-malware software developed by Symantec Corporation in the year 1991. It was developed as a part of Norton computer security software family. Norton antivirus includes virus detection features including email spam filter and phishing protection.
Norton Family also includes Norton Security 2014 which includes several features like personal firewall, email spam filter, and malware prevention. It also includes Norton Security with a backup which is for 10 devices and also provides 25GB online storage of important data and photos on all devices. Norton also provides cloud-based parental control service popularly known as Norton Family Premier which helps parents to monitor their children’s online activities. Norton Mobile Security provides security for Smartphones and Tablets. It provides protection from third-party applications, restores lost contact data, improves browsing by maximizing online privacy.

Norton also provides its product services to Small Businesses by providing security to their online data from malware and other threats. Norton also provides Online Backup and Computer Tune Up Software’s.



To activate the Norton product there are various methods to do it. There are various methods to buy a Norton product. You can do it by purchasing it online via Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart etc and another option is to purchase it physically from certified Norton store. In order to activate the Norton product which is purchased online you may need the product key to complete the activation. Which is 25 alphanumeric character code. You can find that code on your registered e-mail address or if you have purchased it from physical store, the key will be available on the backside of the box.


Norton is the most trusted and well known Computer Security provider in today’s world. Norton Antivirus provides a lot of security and other features to its customers worldwide. Whether you have purchased the security for your smartphone or for your business Norton has always provided better features for its customers.

  • Norton provides you protection from malware, spyware and other attacks while you are browsing on the Internet.
  • Maintains Privacy while surfing on the internet.
  • 100% protection from viruses.
  • Helps to locate your smartphone if Stolen or lost.
  • 24/7 support provided by certified Norton technicians.
  • Provides option to easily transfer the program from one device to the other.
  • Provides all sort of protection from the internet.
  • Safeguards your computer if unauthorized downloads may start.
  • Saves your internet connection by blocking strangers from accessing it.


Before installation of Norton security your computer make sure to check the following points.

1: Check your computer compatibility before installation i.e RAM, Processor, Hard Drive Storage, Operating System, and browsers.

2: Switch your PC to Administrative mode before installing Norton Setup.

3: Make sure that your computer is updated before installation. If there are any updates do install them before installing Norton.

4: Before installing the latest Norton security program make sure to uninstall the old Norton antivirus setup by installing Norton Removal Tool.


  1. Sign in to your official account Norton account using any web browser i.e Edge, Chrome, Explorer.
  2. After logging in to your account go to for downloading your required security.
  3. If you are the new customer make sure to register your official Norton account and purchase the software along with activation key.
  4. If you are the existing customer just sign in your Norton account to get the activation key.
  5. After you have downloaded the setup.
  6. make sure to remove the old Norton security on your pc by installing Norton removal tool which will remove all old setup files and other security applications.
  7. Open the setup for beginning the installation process. The window will appear on your screen showing installation.
  8. Select the install button on the screen.
  9. After the installation begins make sure to select the location on the hard drive to store the Norton setup files.
  10. After the installation completes make sure to enter the activation key provided to you which are 25 Alphanumeric letters provided to you by Norton team.
  11. When the setup will be completely installed on your PC. Do scan your pc with it and also install Norton security on your web browsers i.e: Edge, Explorer, Chrome.


activate norton setup

  1. On your smartphone go to Google Play Store or if you are iPhone user go to the Apple Store and download Norton mobile security setup.
  2. Next step is to go to the mobile browser i.e Chrome, Safari and register your device on Norton.
  3. After registering go to the store and install the Norton set up on your device and log in using your Norton ID to complete the process.


norton setup for mac

1: Sign in to your Norton account for getting the activation key for your Norton antivirus. if you are new user sign in your credentials and purchase the software.

2: Open up safari browser on your mac pc and go to to download Norton security setup for your mac pc.

3: After the download is complete open up the setup file.

4: Make sure to remove the old Norton security on your pc by installing Norton removal tool which will remove all old setup files and other security applications.

5: After opening the Norton setup. A window will open on your screen showing the installation process.

6: During the installation process make sure to enter the key correctly onto the antivirus.

7: After the installation is completed do scan the computer once and also install Norton security plugin on your web browser i.e Safari, Chrome.


norton setup

While installing Norton setup on your computer. make sure to check your computer and other device’s compatibility. If your device is compatible there are very fewer chances that the error will occur while installing the Norton setup. It is important to take into consideration to use “NORTON REMOVAL TOOL” to remove old Norton security from your computer and it also makes sure to also remove bad security software from your device so that it may not be the reason for creating errors.


To deal with error 8504104 while installing Norton security setup there are various ways to tackle this error instantly. Read this article carefully to know how to deal with this error in the future as well.

Before installing the Norton antivirus setup use “NORTON REMOVAL TOOL” to safely remove the old setup files and other third-party applications from your computer. For using this software download this tool in any of your drive with free space available. After the tool has been downloaded successfully open it up. after that license agreement will appear on the screen and click on agree. Next window will open up and in it select the advanced option and select all those files which belong to your old Norton setup and also select other third party applications which may cause an error and at last click on remove button to successfully remove all programs. In order to double check that if the programs have been removed make sure to restart your computer once.

Another step to tackle this error is to update your computer’s graphics driver by simply going to control panel. Then select System option there. After selecting this option a window will appear showing you the basic information about your computer. On the right-hand side of this window, there will be various option like Device Manager, Remote Settings, System Protection, and Advanced System Setting. You have to select Device Manager and after that, another window will open up which will show the inbuilt software installed on your computer. Locate Display Adapter option by selecting this option your graphics card property window will open up and after that select driver’s option in there and check if the drivers are up to date or not. If the Driver will begin to update complete this task first and then install your Norton setup.


norton setup

The basic reason behind the appearance of error 30483 on your computer is because of the incomplete installation process of Norton setup or corrupted installation file which occur because of not reading the Norton installation manual. Read this article carefully to get information about tackling this error in the future. Basic symptoms of the error 30483 are:

The dull response of operating system related to the slow response of mouse pointer on your screen.

Freezing of your computer after opening up your Norton antivirus.

To tackle these problems in future do apply these procedures to avoid such errors in the future.

Run a complete malware scan on your computer using Norton antivirus which will help to remove the malware and other bad files from your computer resulting in the unexpected appearance of the errors. These files usually come into the computer with the help of external storage devices and unprotected internet browsing.

Delete temporary and other junk files from your drives on the computer which accumulate unwanted space on your computer. Removing these files help your computer to run smoothly.

Always update your computer drivers i.e display drivers, chip-set drivers, etc on your computer. Keeping them updated helps them from getting corrupted. Do update them when possible.

Delete those security-related software from your computer which you may have installed previously. Remove them using Norton Removal tool. As the other security files are designed to delete the Norton setup files causing error 30483


Norton Family is well recognized and trusted antivirus provider worldwide. It is among the utmost priority of the Norton team to provide its users with top security and privacy features. Norton Antivirus also comes with pop features showing other Norton security and update notifications. But these pop up can also create little bit of problem to users when they are working on their computers. So to avoid such pop-ups Norton also provides with the option of blocking or disabling these notifications


Open your Norton antivirus program on your computer. When the home screen window of Norton antivirus will appear on the screen. Click on setting icon on the right-hand side of the screen.
When the setting window will appear on the screen click on administrative settings there.
Locate Norton Task Notification there and on the checkbox uncheck this option.
Do check there that the red indication appears which means Notification option is turned off.
After verifying click on apply to save this setting.
Click on close setting to go back to Norton Antivirus homepage.


norton setup

To block such pop-ups on your computer. Follow these steps.


  1. Go to control panel and select Network and Security option.
  2. After Selecting this option window will appear and then select Internet Option.
  3. Another window will open up and in it select Privacy Option.
  4. In the Privacy option click on the pop-up blocker option and beside it click on settings.
  5. One more window will open up and below it click on Blocking Level and select High-level Option and close this window and save these settings.


  1. Open Google Chrome and on the right-hand side click on Customize and Control Google Chrome.
  2. A dropdown will appear and select settings.
  3. Setting window will appear and on bottom select Advanced Settings.
  4. Inside Advanced Settings go to Site Settings.
  5. Inside Site Settings, there will be Pop-ups and Redirect option.
  6. In there click on the blocked option.


  1. Open Safari Browser on your Mac PC.
  2. Inside Safari click on Preferences Option.
  3. Then inside Preference Option-click on Security Option on the top.
  4. Inside it check Block Pop up and make sure to enable this feature to block pop up in future.


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